Welcome to MarylandAppraisers.com

MarylandAppraisers.com is for sale for $6,000.

After over 25 years in the appraisal industry, I have stopped accepting appraisals and have decided to sell this domain name.

I will pay a 10% commission to the person who told you(or gave me your info) that I am selling this domain. (If you know who will greatly benefit from this domain name, give me their info. If they buy it, I’ll pay you! )

Please be fair to the person who told you. Thank them by making sure they get the commission which will likely come back to you many )many times over. You may call me for instructions to pay with your credit card, and have the registrar transfer registration (“ownership” and control), into your name or account.

Pay for domain name and get name transferred into your name for full use and ownership.

Call for monthly payments plan. As low as $50 per month can allow full use of domain while while making installment (like rent to own).

Thank you for visiting MarylandAppraisers.com